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How to Submit a Cannabis Sample for Personal Use Testing

ByTrichome Team

June 21, 2023

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Not all cannabis testing in New Jersey involves commercially produced products. Personal use cannabis samples not destined for dispensary shelves can also be submitted to licensed labs. Here at Trichome Analytical, we receive a variety of requests from individuals interested in knowing exactly what’s in their cannabis flower, its potency or if any contamination is present. Residents who hold conditional recreational licenses or are attempting to get one, curious hobby growers and people who simply want to verify that a product they purchased is clean make up some of our clientele. 

New Jersey’s Personal Use Testing Regulations

The Garden State has specific regulations surrounding personal use testing, with the following provisions: 

  • A testing laboratory may receive and test samples of usable cannabis or cannabis products from a consumer and provide a written report to the consumer for a reasonable fee;
  • A testing laboratory may not certify samples from a consumer for resale or transfer to another person, Alternative Treatment Center, or cannabis business;
  • The individual presenting the personal extract / sample must be 21 years of age or older;
  • Verification of age must be provided; and
  • No distribution or resale of the extract / sample

Trichome Analytical’s Personal Use Testing Terms of Service

All of the cannabis testing services we provide are done with a mission to engender trust in the cannabis industry via the integrity of science. Our role in the cannabis industry is enshrined in statute and we have the responsibility to ensure important controls on safety, compliance, quality and efficacy. As such, everything we perform is done “by the book.”

Trichome Analytical is an independent company and will not share any data we receive from personal use unless legally obligated to do so. Anyone submitting samples must be 21 or older and the samples must be for personal use only. Reports cannot be misused for any sale or branding purposes.

What Can Your Sample Be Tested For?

There are several options for testing. A profile panel features Phytofacts, the scientific cannabis classification system that focuses on terpenes and cannabinoids to indicate how a particular cultivar might affect the consumer. Our NJMCP QA full panel analysis covers all contaminant and potency testing required within the New Jersey program. We also offer testing for just cannabinoids, mold and microbes, and other contaminants. 

Submitting a sample is fairly straightforward. It can be started by submitting a sample request on our website. There are sample minimums that must be met, and samples should be  packaged separately in sealed containers or bags and labeled with a sample ID that is added into the online system. Results can be expected within three business days for potency and four to five days for additional testing. If online access is not available, there is an off-line option that involves a paper chain of custody.

As the industry continues to grow and more dispensaries and operators open, it is important to continue to offer individuals the opportunity to test their own samples at a lab that is fully compliant with state regulations and standard practices. With personal use testing, consumers can feel safe and confident that what they provide will be handled with confidentiality and care.

Interested in submitting a personal use cannabis sample? Fill out the Sample Submission Request to get started.