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Trichome Analytical is a prospective third party cannabis testing laboratory. We will offer a competitive cannabis compliance package for all state regulated testing. In addition, we will provide individual analytical testing for contaminants such as trace pesticides, heavy metals, pathogenic microbes, mycotoxins, and residual solvents. Our extensive cannabis profiling includes cannabinoid and terpene analysis for over 45 unique compounds.

Cannabinoid Potency

Trichome Analytical utilizes High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to determine the cannabinoid potency of cannabis flowers and other cannabis products. We can provide you with potency data for up to 11 major cannabinoids.

Terpene Profiling

Cannabis has a wide variety of terpenes which interact with cannabinoids via the entourage effect. Headspace Gas Chromatography is employed to give accurate, reproducible results.

Pesticide Testing

Pesticides, even in low concentrations, can have a negative health impact. Trichome Analytical's chromatography systems are highly sensitive and allow us to detect these low concentrations of pesticides to ensure product safety.

Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxins are compounds produced by fungi that are extremely toxic and difficult to detect. We analyze cannabis and its products for these toxins to assure product safety.

Heavy Metals

Cannabis has an unusually high tendency to uptake metals from soil. Products containing heavy metals may cause severe health complications upon consumption. Trichome Analytical tests for heavy metals using ICP-MS. 

Microbial Screening

The presence of pathogenic microbes, such as Aspergillus, E. coli, and Salmonella, in cannabis could have an extremely negative health impact. We utilize qPCR to determine any microbial contamination.

Residual Solvents

Residual solvents that remain in cannabis products after the extraction process could harm product consumers. Trichome Analytical tests for these solvents using HS-GC-MS.  

Additional Services

We also offer moisture content, water activity, homogeneity, and foreign materials screening.

About Us

Trichome Analytical is a prospective third party cannabis testing laboratory serving the state of New Jersey and the Northeast Region.

Quality. Experience. Precision.

We've set the standard in environmental and industrial hygiene testing for the last 32 years, and now we are bringing our knowledge and expertise into the cannabis space.

Trichome Analytical’s emphasis on providing quality analytical services to the cannabis market will raise the confidence level consumers have in the myriad of cannabis products available. Our operational philosophy reflects our commitment to industry integrity, our dedication to consumer safety, and our desire to advance cannabis science through research and education.