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Struggling to Differentiate Your Cannabis Brand? Test for Terpenes

ByTrichome Team

May 9, 2022

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New Jersey cannabis business operators, take note: There’s a new regulation on the books, and it’s important. Many cannabis products including flower and vapes are now mandated to display terpene test results on their labels for adult-use sales in NJ

This is a good thing, and can actually help you stand out from the competition. Here’s how to use cannabis terpene profile test results to differentiate your brand and develop winning products—while also complying with regulations. 

Terpenes for Brand Positioning and Product Development 

More than 100 different terpenes have been identified in cannabis. Found in the essential oils of plants, these aromatic molecules give cannabis cultivars distinct flavor profiles, aromas and effects. 

Common terpenes found in cannabis include:

  • Myrcene: clove-like aroma, contributes to “couch-lock” effect in percentages above .5%
  • α-Pinene: piney, skunky aroma and flavor; research indicates it counteracts THC’s effects by increasing acetylcholine levels
  • Limonene: Lemony, citrusy flavor and aroma found abundantly in cannabis; known to be energizing
  • Humulene: hoppy aroma and flavor with powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • Linalool: lavender aroma, said to be relaxing and stress-reducing 

Cannabis consumers and patients are savvier than ever in seeking specific effects, and they’ve gained familiarity with specific terpene profiles and strains—simple “indica” or “sativa” designations just won’t cut it anymore (and won’t help differentiate your brand). 

To that point, customers shopping for flower want to be able to anticipate a strain’s effects and flavor profile—terpene results, clearly listed on packaging, help them uncover alternatives and replacements when their favorite is sold out. 

For cultivators, understanding different strains’ terpene content can help establish a production schedule based on high-target terpene content, make sure you’re curing properly, and help you develop strains and flavor profiles that B2C and B2B customers are asking for by name. For infused-product manufacturers, the opportunities for product development and marketing are no different.   

A Regulation to Use to Your Advantage

Whether you’re interested in using the opportunity to R&D new strains and products or not, terpene results are required on labels for adult-use sales, so the time is now to start testing for terpenes. 

Many cannabis testing labs in New Jersey (including ours) already offer terpene profiling panels on their own or as part of analysis packages, so adding the service on to your existing testing should be a cinch. 

Don’t get caught with low-to-minimal terpene content and risk losing customers to your competitors—address issues now, uncover opportunities for differentiation and reap the benefits.